The Carbon Removal Challenge (2022-)

Founding ChairThe Carbon Removal Challenge 

Carbon Collector (2021-Ongoing)

Carbon Removal Conference Game

#p5t (2020-Ongoing)

Tweetable Art Sketches

Come Out & Play (2014 - 2018)

Organizer, Festival of Field and Street Games

NYU Practice (2014 - 2018)

Co-Curator, Game Design Conference

WizWar (2017)

Multiplayer Wizard Dueling Party Game 

#WeAreDanceFace (2016)

Coop VR Coop Dance Game

Block Party (2016)

Event/Party Game

Senate Immersion Module (2015)

Educational Live Action Role Play Experience

After Quest (2015)

Game Jam Existential  Game

Short Order (2015)

Chaotic Food Field Game

Terra (2013)

Touchscreen Tablet PC Demo Game

Dynamic Wall (2013)

Large Scale Math Visualization Installation

Recurse (2010 - 2012)

Camera Installation/iOS Game

Duello (2011)

Wiimote Dueling Game

HALI (2010)

Location Based Hide And Seek

Gold Key Achiever (2010)

Scholastic Promo Game

Lucid (2010)

Android Game

Caves of Wonder (2009)

Caves of Wonder Large Scale Math Visualization Installation

Snow Man (2008)

Software Mirror Installation

MotionLife (2008)

Interactie Software Mirror

WiiDraw (2008)

Video Overlay Tool