Recurse (2010-2012)

Originally commissioned as an installation for first annual "No Quarter" exhibition at the NYU Game Center, Recurse is a camera based game that requires the player to use their whole body to play. Green and red rectangles appear overlaid on the image of the player. The player gains points for moving in the green areas and loses points for moving in the green areas. Recurse was a finalist for Indiecade in 2010. It was later ported to iPad and won the "Play This Now!" award at Come Out & play 2012.

Selected Press:

WSJ: 'No Quarter': Can Videogames Grow Up?
By Christopher John Farley

Kotaku: Human Beings at Play
By Stephen Totilo

Touch Arcade: Indie Party Game ‘Recurse’ Comes to the iPad
by Jared Nelson

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