WiiDraw was a prototype for a video overlay tool that intercepted a composite video signal and allowed you to draw on top of it. Imagine giving a lecture on a classic film and commenting on the director’s use of space. Now imagine you could actually draw lines on the screen, demonstrating what you mean. Maybe you’re watching sports and want to break down a play like the announcers do. Or maybe you’re just watching the State of the Union and you want to draw a funny mustache on George Bush’s face.

WiiDraw is a tool that will allow you to do any of these things. Whether being used as a teaching instrument or just for amusing yourself and your friends, WiiDraw provides a simple interface for doodling on top of live images on normal TV screen. Using a Nintendo WiiMote, a parallax propeller, and an IR led, these devices create a network that intercepts a standard video signal and overlays it with the user’s drawings.