Duello (2010)

Duello is a 2 player dueling game with Wiimotes. Each player has a Wiimote “gun”, that they use to shoot the other player (both players where hats with IR Leds on them). The first to hit the other player with a shot wins. There are 2 modes, Gentleman’s Blood and High Noon. In High Noon mode, it’s an old west quick draw. Gentleman’s Blood is dueling with pistols.

If someone has offended you and a duel with pistols is the only way to defend your honor, “Gentleman’s Blood” is for you. Take your Wiimote in hand, take your paces with the count, and then turn and fire. The victor’s honor will be satisfied. The loser will be dishonored…and dead.

Are you quick on the draw? You’d better be if you want to play “High Noon”. An old west style showdown, two gunslingers stand apart, waiting for the clock to strike high noon. On the 12th chime, both cowboys draw and fire. One will walk to the saloon, one will lie in the dirt. Don’t draw early though, cause that’s yellow and you’ll lose the duel before it even begins.