Lucid (2010)


Lucid was an early android game and was a finalist for the Anrdoid Develope Challenge 2. It is a game about a little boy called Hermin and his dreams. The objective is to guide Hermin through various dreams throughout the night. Along the way you help him collect various prizes, get points and avoid obstacles that disturb his sleep. Hermin loses a sheep every time he hits an obstacle. Once all his sheep are gone, he wakes up crying.


The player has control of the cloud that guides Hermin. Use Hermin to collect prizes and don’t go near anything that can wake him up. Each pillow that Hermin collects gives him additional points, but makes the gameplay more challenging. Once a level is complete, the next level will be unlocked. The goal is to collect all the pillows in every level without losing all the sheep, which indicate how deep Hermin is in his sleep.

You control Hermin’s dream cloud by either tapping on the part of the screen you want Hermin to move, dragging the cloud across or using the scroll wheel on the phone. Which control is easier depends on your personal preference as well as the amount of precision that is required to guide Hermin through the obstacles. Can you realize Hermin’s dreams without waking him up?