WizWar (2017)

Wiz War is a party game that debuted at Come Out & Play in 2017. Each player uses their phone as a controller that connects to a central screen that all the players look at for results.

Based on a Rock, Paper, Scissors variant, each player begins with 3 hearts, 1 energy, and 1 fire ball. Once a player loses all their hearts, they are eliminated. A player can choose to:

1) Meditate. This has no effects on other players, but increases their energy by 1 (max 3).
2) Attack another wizard. That converts all the players energy into fireballs. Each fireball that successful hits another wizard removes one heart.
3) Reflect: If a player is targeted by another player, all the fireballs reflect back and damage the attacking Wizard. However, if the no one attacks the player, they lose one heart (mana burn).