Beyond Processing


The syllabus is a roadmap for the class, but there may be changes along the way based on the pace.
  1. Class 1: Processing in Eclipse
    House Keeping (Go over Syllabus, Class Schedule, Intros, Course Overview, Assignments, etc)
    Install Eclipse/Processing/Proclipsing
    Developing with Processing in Eclipse (creating a Papplet, Code Completion, Refactoring)
    Inner Classes vs Outer Classes
    There is no "color"
    Static variables and methods

    Assignment 1:

    -Read Processing in Eclipse:
    -Make a simple Processing app in Eclipse or port an existing one from the Processing IDE (Due Class 2)
  1. Class 2: Object Oriented Programming
    More Eclipse (Code Generation, Debugger, Local History, SVN)
    Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    Construtors, Overriding , and Super
    Java Beans, POJOs, and Visibility

    Assignment 2:

    -Make a Processing app in Eclipse using multiple classes, with a super class that has 2 subclasses (Due Class 4)

  1. Class 3: Intro to Data Structures
    Review OOP
    Data Structures
    Hashes and Trees
    TreeMap, HashMap, and Hashtable

    Assignment 3:

    -Finish Processing app assigned Class 2

  1. Class 4: More Data Structures and Intro to Threading
    Review Data Structures
    Hashcode and Equals
    Stacks and Queues
    Threading and Synchronization

    Assignment 4:

    -Prepare to present Final Project concept (Due Class 5)

  1. Class 5: Intro to APIs
    Final Project Concept Presentations
    Review & In Class Q&A
    Intro to APIs
    Get started with Gson
    Getting Data from the Foursquare API
    JSON vs XML

  2. Assignment 5:
    -Reading "JSON and XML":
    -Start Final Project (Due Class 7)
  1. Class 6: Intro to Everything Else
    Basic Auth
    Discuss java xml lib XStream
    Design Patterns (template, singleton, etc)
    The JVM
    Jar files
    War files

    Assignment 6:
    -Finish Final Project

  1. Class 7: Final
    Final Q&A
    Final Presentations