Beyond Processing

Mon | 3:30pm to 6:10pm | Room 447
Matt Parker, Instructor
Course Description
Beyond Processing picks up where Intro to Computational Media leaves off, bridging the gap between basic programming and more advanced concepts. This class delves into topics designed to increase students' ability to be creative with code. While ICM projects are done in the Processing development environment, the work in this class will be done in Eclipse, a more advanced environment (IDE), allowing the class to write better code faster. In Eclipse, with the Proclipsing plugin, students will learn how to use the Processing libraries in Java. Next, the class will focus on core programming techniques such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Data Structures. We also will cover how to collect data from APIs. In doing so we will compare XML and JSON, as well as how best to organize and store that data in programs. Finally we deal with encapsulation, a method for structuring programs so that complex problems can be made manageable through bring broken down into small reusable parts. ICM or equivalent is required. This two credit class meets every other week

By the end of this course, I hope you will have learned the following:

  • Proficiency with the Eclipse development environment
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming and it's value
  • Knowledge about data structures and when to use them
  • Basic understanding of design patterns
  • How to use APIs and parse xml/json

Attendance and participation 50%
Homework assignments 25%
Final project 25%