Lab 6: DC/Stepper Motors

Matt Parker


Lesson 8 (or Lesson 7, again): It's hard to build what you want with out the right parts

There are many varieties of stepper motors, and though all seem to suck, some are also extrodinarily weak. The ones we got were so weak, they could barely turn a spool of thread...and even that was asking too much of them sometimes. Probably wasn't a great idea to buy 20 of them before we tested any.


Result: Ineffective winches

I made 2 winches that were test cases for my final project.

One was with DC motor. It was very powerful, but it lacked the ability to sustain weight once it was no longer spinning. This made a non option for our purposes.

One was made with a stepper motor. Where to begin? Perhaps in how hard it is just to get these suckers running. The wiring is kinda a nightmare. We had 6 wires on our stepper and I still don't really understand what each one was for. Maybe it would've been helpful if the company had shipped a data sheet with it. Or had one on their site. On the plus side, the code it is also complex. Lastly, this motor could barely lift a straw on a string. You read that right. I FRICKIN STRAW! What possible use could such a weak motor have? Too big to fit in a cell phone, too weak to lift the lightest thing there is. Steppers suck.