Week 4 Assignment

Matt Parker


Lesson 5: It's easier to mod something than start from scratch

I was already sort of using analog output for last weeks project, but it wasn't nearly as clear as I thought it would be. While technically, the lights worked in an analog fashion, it was hard to really see that it wasn't digital with the naked eye. However, using the same system with a motor that pointed to the hand strength gave a much more clear idea of what was going on. So, I was able to use new knowledge to improve my existing system.


Lesson 6: Adjust code as well as Physical devices

Instead of just modifying my the sensitivity of the sensor by making adjustments physically, I altered the sensitivity in the code. By adjusting on both ends, I was able to come closer to the actual strength of a real hand shake.

Result: Hand Shake Test 2

As with last weeks assignment, This is a test of the firmness of your handshake. However, now there is a meter with a pointer that more discreetly displays how far off from the ideal handshake you are.